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Auto Parts Vision Inspection System


    A manufacturer of components for the automotive industry needed an automated solution to labor intensive process. Vision Inspection systems can perform repetitive tasks faster, more accurately, and with greater consistency over time than humans.


VES develops and installs Vision Inspection Systems for a perfect quality inspection, future-proof and flexible to get trouble-free production.


Auto Parts Vision Inspection System  features:

  • Auto Parts Vision Inspection System, with easy to Check Presence/Absence of part on Object.
  • Auto Parts Vision Inspection System, with easy to use standard software, are leading the way toward zero defect quality.
  • Auto Parts Vision Inspection System can be used to inspect Nuts,rods,washer fastener,O-ring,special parts.
  • Auto Parts Vision Inspection System check Cut on Outer Profile.
  • Optional cameras are available to check for internal threads and surface imperfections.
  • Vision can be added to detect defects like missing internal threads, nylon ring presence, and missing crimp.
  • Auto Parts Vision Inspection System can find Visual and dimensional defects.
  • Windows based software makes part setup easy, and allows for part storage and retrieval.
  • Developed software as per indian market requirement
  • User Friendly


Auto Parts Vision Inspection System can inspect:

  • External and Internal diameter.
  • Pitch and Thread numbers.
  • Icomplete processed articles.
  • Head crack.
  • Head height.
  • Broken pin.
  • Thread and Slanted thread.
  • Pin roundness.
  • Length.


Optical Sorting Machine


Washer sorting machine,
Nut sorting machine

nut sorter, nut sorting, nut sorting machine, washer sorting machine
nuts washer sorting machine

Screw/ Bolt sorting machine

screw sorter, bolt sorter, screw sorting machine, screw sorting machines, bolt sorting machine
bolt screw sorting machine

Eddy Current Sorting machine

VES produces Eddy current sorter, Eddy current sorting machines which are suitable for screws, nuts or cylinder-type objects
eddy current sorting machine

Stud Optical Sorting machine
Rod Optical Sorting machine

VES sorting machines offers Rod/ Stud sorting machines, we developed PSV Sorting Machine for different rod/stud parts
rod stud sorting machine


Technical Specification: Auto Parts Vision Inspection System:


Description Parameter
No. of Camera 1 to 4(Optional)
Vision System High resolution lenses and light source
Software Accuvision Pro
Speed 200 ~ 1000 pcs/min
Lights LED Lights with auto on/off
Part Feeding high speed conveyor,Vibratory feeder and bowl
Operating system WINDOWS XP/7/8.1
Weight 750 kgs
Accuracy 0.010mm
Size 2.1 X 1.4 X 1.9 Meter
Auto Parts Vision Inspection System
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Download FastenerInspectionSystem Catalog PDF


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