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Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving


   Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine is used for acrylic, plastics Butterfly engraving and drilling.


Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine features


  • Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine offers drilling and engraving on acrylic and plastics butterfly/buckle.
  • Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine drills/ engraves butterfly with different design.
  • The software is developed as per Indian market requirement.
  • Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine run on very high speed FPGA based motion control card.
  • Taiwan ball screw ensures the high precision of the machine.
  • Butterfly,Buckle Drilling and Engraving Machine adopts Taiwian Hiwin linear rails with high quality which promises the reliable of X,Y,Z axis
  • Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best LIPIMark software on the market today. LIPIMark software is developed by our highly skilled professional’s developers.
  • The software is user friendly.


Technical Specification


Description Parameter
X,Y,Z working size 100x100mm
X Y Z structure Taiwian Hiwin Ball screw
Max. speed 6000 mm/min
Spindle Yes
Spindle speed 5000-20000 RPM
Working voltage AC 230v/50Hz
Operating system WINDOWS XP/7
Software LIPIMark
Repeatability 0.050mm
Resolution 0.018mm
Drilling Speed 2400 mm/min
Engraving Speed 900 mm/min


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